Advisory : For Indian Nationals Traveling To China ; 20 March 2020 Advisory : For Indian Nationals Traveling To China ; 20 March 2020

Advisory : For Indian Nationals Traveling To China ; 20 March 2020

Embassy of India
Advisory for Indian Nationals traveling to China

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India (MOHFW), has issued several travel advisories with reference to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. As per these advisories, Indian nationals are strongly advised to refrain from traveling to China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain and Germany. 

2. In view of recent announcements by Chinese authorities in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, all Indian nationals who are required to travel to China for compelling reasons may also wish to take note of the following information:

Depending on the airport of arrival, incoming travelers may be expected to fulfill additional documentary requirements as mandated by the local authorities.

Chinese authorities have made it mandatory for all travelers arriving in China to submit health cards upon arrival. (The health cards are distributed on board and/or are available at the airport of arrival)

Several airports in China, including Beijing and Guangzhou, have introduced new procedures for incoming travelers from overseas, including medical screening on arrival. The procedures may take place at the airport terminal itself or in designated screening centres, and takes around 9 hours on average to complete. 

Incoming travelers from overseas may be asked to be quarantined in Chinese Government-designated locations/ self-quarantine at home based on their health conditions, country of origin and travel history. 

In the case of Beijing, all incoming travelers from overseas, including Indian nationals, have to mandatorily undergo 14 days quarantine at a Chinese Government-designated location at their own expense.

On rigorous assessment and screening, people aged 70 and above, minors aged 14 and  pregnant women and those with underlying conditions who are assessed as not suitable for quarantine at designated places may be allowed to stay at home for observation. These are the only exemptions from 14 days quarantine at a Chinese Government-designated location for overseas travelers entering Beijing.

Those who meet the criteria for home observation should apply for such observation to their residential communities prior to entering China. Those who fail to submit the application in advance or whose applications have not been approved will be sent to designated places for quarantine.

Travelers required to undergo quarantine at Chinese Government-designated locations are personally responsible for the costs incurred towards their quarantine. The exact cost is not known but could be around 200-500 RMB/ day.

Some international flights to Beijing are being diverted to other cities of China such as Tianjin, Hohhot and Taiyuan. 

Given the rapidly evolving nature of the situation, requirements of the local authorities could change at short notice. 

All travelers are advised to keep themselves updated of the latest requirements. While the National Health Commission of China has been updating relevant information on its website (  ), please note that respective provincial and local governments of China are also issuing information specific to their jurisdictions on their respective websites and WeChat accounts.

3. Indian nationals who are required to travel to China are further informed that the hotlines of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi, the Embassy of India in Beijing and the Consulate Generals of India in Guangzhou and Shanghai may be called in case of any query. Those wishing to get in touch with us may do so at:

MEA, New Delhi: 1800118797/ +91-11-23012113/ +91-11-23014104/ +91-11- 23017905; Email: 

Embassy of India, Beijing: +86-18612083629/ +86-18610952903;


Consulate General of India, Guangzhou: +86-20-85501509 / +86- 18588885692; Email:

Consulate General of India, Shanghai: +86-21-62758886 / +86- 18930314575;  Email: 

4. The above is being issued in public interest so that Indian travelers are aware of the restrictions which are in force at present on arrival in China.