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Education Relations

      India and China signed Education Exchange Programme (EEP) in 2006, which is an umbrella agreement for educational cooperation between the two countries. Under this agreement, government scholarships are awarded to the students , by both the sides, in recognized institutions of higher learning in each other’s country. The 25 scholarships awarded by India are offered by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) for learning Hindi.

      Apart from this, Chinese students are also annually awarded scholarships to study Hindi at the Kendriya Hindi Sansthan(KHS), Agra. For the year 2020-21, 6 Chinese students have been selected to study in Agra under this scheme.

      The Embassy maintains regular communication with MoE in China as well as all universities where there are a sizeable number of Indian students. Further, Embassy officials also visit universities to not only establish direct contact with university authorities but also to interact with the Indian students. Students are encouraged to approach the Embassy in case they are faced with serious problems. The Mission also has a social media account on Wechat for Indian students, with the objective to make it easy for them to reach out to the Embassy as well as to link them to other fellow Indian students studying in different cities of China.