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BPIC Training

The 1st BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution Center (BPIC) Training Programme is scheduled to be held from 11 May 2022 to 13 May 2022 in Xiamen in China with the theme on Industrial Internet.

2. Nominations in this regard are sought from Indians currently based in China to join physically.

3. The training programme will provide lectures by top experts from research institutes and enterprises, interactions with peers from other countries, and closer observations to cases of Industrial Internet application in industries.

4. Fellowships for a very limited number of on-site trainees for participation in the programme will be provided by BPIC.

5. Indians from government, enterprises, research institutions and universities who are present in China and are interested to join are requested to fill in the attached form (Click here) to apply for the aforementioned training programme. Last date to apply is 6 May 2022.

5 May 2022